Time is Flying

Well it is now March...… I set up this website back in January and had the intention of adding a blog entry each week. I am glad to say that it was boatbuilding that got in the way. Here's what has been going on.

The Peapod mold was completed and hull #1 is in the process of being finished out for display at the Cape Cod Boatbuilder's Show the weekend of March 22nd in Hyannis. Meanwhile in the shop the second boat for that show is underway.

The Culler inspired outboard skiff is taking shape. Frames were cut and assembled over the last couple weeks and the plywood planking is almost complete. The bow proved a little tricky with plywood so much like the 26 foot launch the bow area is being molded of several layers of plywood. Once the final layer is in place the outside of the hull will be sheathed in fiberglass and primed so it can be turned over. I always especially enjoy the days when a hull is turned upright. It is the first opportunity I get to really evaluate the hull without turning myself upside down and pretending I am upright. If you have built a boat upside down on a mold I am certain you know exactly what I mean.

I'll post some pictures to the gallery and add them to this post

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